My first Rust: SDL bindings

My first Rust code is a contribution to the SDL bindings. Its the first step towards getting OpenGL working properly there, which I need for the gratifying eyecandy experiments I want to do.

So far I’m liking the language, not that I’m seeing much of the high-level stuff down while working down near the FFI layer. Its very much like Scala, without the complications that the JVM and Java toolchains add.

Implement video::get_video_info

I don’t want to do eyecandy, I’m just choosing it for learning because my head is already full of SDL and GL so its a fast path to getting something on screen. WebGL isn’t interesting right now because I don’t want to be in the browser.

This is me looking for something to replace C++ with. Which is likely a fool’s errand, but we have to try from time to time :)