cow launched!

A couple of hours work on yesterday’s effort, and we see this:

Had I known just how close I was, I probably wouldn’t have even bothered posting yesterday.

The wonky text was because a stupid assumption I made in cairo’s font code, which I’ve now fixed. The text still looks crap, mostly because of issues with the renderer, but I’ve been pointed at TTEngine this morning which looks much more like what I want and would let me remove some of the hacks I’ve had to do in cairo. I’ll be looking at this further this week.

There’s still a hell of a lot to do, so don’t get too excited. At least now I have a way to see whether or not my changes are actually doing something or not.

I’ll be posting many more screenshots as work progresses, but I won’t be blogging them all. Things are moving just too fast for that. If you want to follow the screenshots, watch my screenshots set on Flickr or just subscribe to its feed.