back from egypt

AROS work has slowed down over the last week. There’s been a lot of email to reply to (I won’t mention the topic :P), and I’ve doing some web work on the side, but I’ve still had a little time to work on cairo, which I’m now calling finished, at least for the moment.

The big thing I was trying to get going was the shared library stuff; ie having a shared cairo.library. I got this working, but programs are crashing because cairo has globals, a fact that I’d overlooked. It only has a couple, but they’re rather important. Once again, I’m not willing to make the large changes required to remove the globals because I want to keep the changes to upstream to an absolute minimum. Once AROS has proper support for global data, then this code can be resurrected.

So cairo works, but is noticably slow. That mostly comes from it doing all its rendering in software and then blitting the results into the AROS graphics subsystem. Working slowly is good enough for me at this stage.

Fonts work, with the following issues:

The font problems shouldn’t be an issue for WebKit as it does its own font work, though it will still hit the underlying font system so its likely the same issues will appear in other contexts. Again, I’ll just do the best I can.

So this afternoon its back to WebKit! There’s been many many changes there in the last month, so the first step will be to just get my stuff building again.