build, build, as fast as you can

I finally finished my dependency porting stuff, with libxml2 coming to life late last night. I haven’t tested it properly yet, as its test suite requires glob(), which we of course don’t have. I’ll look at integrating a version of it soon so that I can run the tests. For the moment I’m totally over dependency porting, and eager to get onto WebKit proper.

Before bed I wrote the first line of AROS-specific code in WebCore. Ready? Here it is:

typedef struct BitMap *DragImageRef;

I have no idea what it does yet, but it was enough to get the relevant file (WebCore/platform/DragImage.h) to compile, and thats all I care about right now.

The build is going well. So far I’m just stubbing platform-specific classes to get the thing to compile. Once its compiled, I’ll start implementing those stubs.

One thing that was missing that would have been difficult to work around inside WebCore itself was the reentrant time function localtime_r(). A bit of hacking on the bus this morning and AROS now has this function, along with its friends ctime_r(), asctime_r() and gmtime_r(). Phew.

Tonight’s work is adding stubs for PlatformMenuItemDescription, whatever that is :)