a curly one

Today I finished porting cURL, a library for getting things from the internets (or actually, anything with a URL). Its probably the dirtiest port I’ve done so far, both because the configure script is a mess (it knows enough to know that I’m cross-compiling, but then doesn’t know enough about cross-compiling to do anything other than get in my way), but also because of the bsdsocket.library madness (which if you’ve been in #aros at all in the last couple of days you’ll have heard my opinions on).

Obligatory screenshot:

Code at /git/aros/curl.git.

In other news, I committed my mlib patches this morning after a little testing and tweaking by Markus Weiss to get them working on PPC. I’m quite proud of it - it was a big, unknown thing and it came off without a hitch.

So now, armed with the 20071118 nightly (available in just a few short hours), you can (theoretically) possible to built all of the Traveller stuff done so far. If only you all had some build instructions .. :P