one for the road

The results are in. The browser will be called “Traveller” (that’s British spelling, with two ells). I had already thought of this as a potential name before asking for ideas, and when a couple of people suggested it too I knew it was good.

The reasons I like it are threefold:

So thanks everyone for your input. I enjoyed hearing all your ideas :)

Relatedly, Paul J. Beel asked me a bunch of questions about the project and has just posted my answers over at the AROS Show. That should pretty much cover what exactly it is I’m doing and what you can expect.

I’m looking for someone who can is savvy with graphics to produce some art for the browser - icons, throbber, about screen, etc. I have ideas, but need someone who knows how to produce art and animations to give me a hand. Contact me via email ([email protected] or grab me on IRC (fce2 on

Now that all the excitement and administrivia is out of the way, time to do some actual hacking.