opinion noted

Just a few quick updates.

First, thanks all for your name suggestions. I hated some of them, I loved some of them, and I’ve finally decided on the name. Its one that I had thought of beforehand, but a couple of people suggested it here too. I’m not revealing it yet though; Paul J. Beel of The AROS Show has sent me some questions for an interview and I’ve promised that I’ll reveal the name there. Of course I’ll post it here shortly after, but of course you all read his stuff so you won’t need it :)

I’ve started porting the WebCore dependencies. First up is the easy one, SQLite, which I finished porting this morning. Its a horrendous port, with no file locking and hacked up path handling, but it was the cheapest and fastest I could do, and will suffice for what I want. I don’t want to get bogged down on tangents; WebCore itself is going to take enough time and brain to do without being distracted.

I’m now publishing my work as I go. The repositories for WebKit and its dependencies will appear at http://cataclysm.cx/git/. Feel free to clone from them and do whatever you want with the code. I’ll post some build instructions soon; its quite hairy. I’ve also put my AROS repository up, which is where I’ll publish stuff that hasn’t made it to AROS SVN yet (usually becaused its unfinished and/or broken).

Thats all for now. Heading home now :)