boring stuff

Now that the filesystem actually works, things have got a little boring. There’s still plenty of work to be done, but not much I can test without getting updated FATFileSystem code. I have been thinking about porting some other filesystem like FS1541 or amiga-smbfs, but thats boring too, so its a little difficult to get motivated.

But work must go on. I’ve implemented (but not tested) a pile more iofs->packet conversions, to the point where there’s only a few left. I’ve also added support for packet systems to expansion.library. Adding FAT to the Mountlist will be a simple as adding an entry like this:

FileSystem = fat.handler
Type = packet

The old StackSize and Priority options for setting up the filesystem task are also back in action. This arrangement sucks a little - I really would have liked the handler type to be auto-detected - but our Mountlist options are different enought to the original that things wouldn’t carry over properly anyway. So this will do until either enough people complain or someone proposes something better.

I’m also starting to poke around in the dos.library *Pkt() functions to figure out what’s needed to have it just quietly pass packets through to packet-based filesystems. That should be fairly straightforward, but mostly theoretical since nothing on AROS currently uses these interfaces directly (mostly because they don’t work). I’ll probably write a small program to do some basic file operations using packets and make sure they get handled properly, and that will be it. I also need to finish support for packet->iofs conversion; AROS has this already but its not finished.

I just found PickPacket on Aminet, which looks like it might be useful for testing. I’ll have a go at porting it on the way home today.