Just got back from bowling and Daytona. Had a couple of drinks in quick succession so I’m a little buzzed. I’ll write this and then go to bed, its 1am.

Today I finally found and fixed the last crashing bug - some pointer arithmetic had gone awry, resulting in the stack being trampled. I’m not entirely sure what it the problem was, but a slight tweak fixed it up.

With that gone, I now have stable support for traversing the directory hierarchy and reading and examining files. The filesystem can be browsed via Wanderer, which seems to work fine. Currently using multiview to display files isn’t working (tested with both a PNG image and an AmigaGuide doc), and I’m not sure why, but I believe it to be a bug in FATFileSystem itself.

I’ve contacted Marek to try to get an updated version, but haven’t heard back. If anyone reading knows of another way to get hold of him, could you please prod him and see if he got my mail? Perhaps his email address has changed or something, these things happen.

While I’m waiting I’ll be working on getting the mounting stuff (dos.library, expansion.library and C:Mount) to know how to setup packet handlers. I’m thinking some kind of simple “proxy” Mountlist option, though I also need to implement AmigaOS options like StackSize and Pri. Shouldn’t be hard, just needs a little thought. I’d really love it if the system could just auto-detect the handler type, but I don’t see how to make that happen without requiring modifications to the packet handler itself. That rules out binary compatibility with old filesystems, which I want to avoid. So for now, users will just have to set it up in the Mountlist.