quiet time

tap.device is pretty much finished. There’s a few little things that need to be added, but my motivation is gone on it now - I’ll just add bits as they’re requested. Its in the nightly builds, so its pretty much just a matter of waiting for feedback now. So I’m now turning my attentions towards my next project.

I’ve been looking at the bounty list, and the two most easily attainable for me are probably “SDL graphics and input drivers” and “DOS packets” (the EFIKA port is also interesting, and quite lucrative, but I’d have to buy an EFIKA board first, and I’m cheap).

To do DOS packets, however, requires a pile of technical knowledge that doesn’t seem to exist outside of books long out of print. I’ve asked a few questions about it on the AROS list, but haven’t had any real reply yet. Even if I was convinced of the utility of this stuff (which I’m really not yet), I wouldn’t be able to do it anyway.

So, as I wait, I’m looking into doing a SDL backend. Just playing at this stage, but I expect I’ll have an idea in a day or two of whether or not I can do it, and if I can, how long it will take. All going well, I’ll apply for the bounty and hopefully make a little pocket money :)