my hat is awesome!

Finished off the stats tracking code this morning, which gets the thing into a usable state, so its time for a release! Checking into AROS SVN as workbench-devs-tap-unix. It’ll build by default, so it’ll be in the next nightly build, after which time I expect to get a bit more feedback.

Made a release announcement over at AROS-Exec, and made a little screenshot too, running the MSS Snug web server. A screenshot of a network driver in action is fairly pointless, but it was asked for, so who am I to question it? :P

There’s still a few things to do before I can leave this project and move onto other things. The biggest one is removing the requirement to run AROS as root. I’m currently digging around in the QEMU code, which appears to both use TUN/TAP but is not root (or even setuid root). If thats no good, i’ve got a couple of ideas, so I expect something to happen soon.