for extra strength bitrot, use aspro clear

So I got a stub driver done, and this morning instructed AROSTCP to use it, but it failed in startup - couldn’t find tap.hidd. Sure enough, the file wasn’t in my install, so I tried to build it manually, but that failed too. Considering that I can’t find anything anywhere (within AROS or via Google) that uses it, I suspect its just another victim of bitrot. So my job just got more exciting - now I have to resurrect that too.

I think I’m not going to bother though, and instead have tap.device talk to the Linux TUN/TAP layer directly. Its designed to mimic a network card, so why would you want to have anything other that a network driver talk to it? And if there’s only going to be one thing talking to it, why not integrate them and get rid of a pile of complexity?

I can’t help but wonder what it was for in the first place. Once I get some Subversion access I’ll look through the history and see where it came from.