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Pebble cricket: updates

With so much cricket going on at the moment, SixFour has seen quite a bit a work. Some layout tweaks have opened up space at the bottom for anther line of text, which I’m intending to use to show some match details as they come up (boundary, wicket, etc).


Pebble cricket: name shortener

I had no choice. Had to make a skanky name shortener for players in minor teams that don’t have a short name in the Cricinfo¬†database.


Pebble cricket: draw

Pebble cricket: long names

Long names may prove to be a problem. I’ll have to find an algorithm for trimming that makes sense. I guess its based on sound groups?


Pebble cricket: SixFour

Pebble-owning cricket¬†lovers, its your lucky day. Here’s my live scoreboard app. robn/sixfour

Pebble cricket: innings change

Innings change worked perfectly :)

Pebble cricket

First screenshot from my Pebble cricket app :)

Pebble cricket: MVP

I think that’s all I need. Just enough room for a tiny clock in the bottom corner - this is still a clock face after all, I might still need the time!


The problem with cricket commentary in IRC

The problem with pulling cricket commentary into IRC is that I want to kickban players when they screw up (ie all day today).


Cricket bot

Scenario: You like the cricket. There’s live commentary available on the web, but its not in some kind of nice incremental stream, so using it is a bit fiddly.