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DB<1> $data = "abc" DB<2> x join(' ', unpack('H*', $data) =~ m/../g) 0 '61 62 63'

Anonymous objects

Something I’ve been fiddling with today. Object::Anon - Create objects on the fly

Introducing hopscotch, a tiny image proxy

I spent my weekend on a new project I’m calling hopscotch. Its a tiny, high-performance HTTP image proxy. When you include unsecured (HTTP) content (usually images) inside a secured (HTTPS) page, you effectively make the whole page “unsecure”.


Dockerising a Perl application

The latest fancy tool for deploying things is Docker. I’ve been following it for about a year with some interest, but after deploying GitLab with Docker last week in about two hours (no exaggeration), I figured it was time to see how to drive this thing.


Deploying towncrier with Carton

towncrier is now deployable with Carton. Best case you can have it running with three commands. Next up, deploying it with one command with Docker :)


SSRF protection in Perl

There’s a class of attacks that don’t get a lot of attention called Server-Side Request Forgeries. We recently started protecting against this universally at FastMail (rather than the ad-hoc arrangement we had before).


Perl and etcd? I can help!

Perl and etcd? I can help! https://metacpan.org/pod/Etcd

Replacing Graphics::Magick with Imager

Today I moved Fastmail’s image processing backend (used for attachment thumbnailing and image galleries) from Graphics::Magick to Imager, due to the former’s tendency to crash on some kinds of bogus input, leaving core and data files lying around, filling the disk.


Perl and OpenGL?

I recently started pondering what kind of throughput a well-written Perl+OpenGL program could get. This is nothing like a well-written program, just a stright port of an old GL experiment I had lying around to make sure that SDL and OpenGL were working properly in my Perl install.


Net::OpenID for Perl: its alive!

I’ve recently picked up maintainer duties for Net::OpenID::Consumer and Net::OpenID::Server which have needed some love for a while. I’m starting to get them into shape and have today released developer versions to CPAN.


how 'bout some horn?

Day two of training today. I had to run off early, but not before getting a crash course in Moose. I’ve been watching Moose for a couple of years, and have a project in mind for it, but haven’t got around to doing anything with it yet.


i like repetetive music

Work is sending me on a Perl Training Australia course this week, so I’m getting to hang out with Paul and Jacinta and get a good refresher on Perl OO.


cluttering my life

After my lack of motivation I’ve had a couple more interesting ideas and so I’ve started very slowly poking at them, being very careful to not overdo it in an attempt to avoid the burnout.



A few random things I’ve been working on lately: Started migrating this blog into ikiwiki. Stuck on a problem with file create/modify times not being preserved, which makes complete sense but is annoying.


tied at both ends

I’ve been getting into Perl again in a big way. I’d been getting in the mood for code again, and started looking through my old stuff to see if anything tickled my fancy.


getting testy

So a couple of weeks ago I got the chance to chat to Damian about IO::Prompt and my completion patch. While he rejected the patch because the interface was sucky (and I agree), he accepted my offer to take on maintenance duties for the module.


vimming for fun and profit

Damian dropped in on Monday to word us up on the finer points of VIM insanity. So now I have an editor that can do anything, one way or another.


constant classes

The Midnight clone I keep talking about (and I am getting around to writing about, really) is actually a port to Perl of a Java application.


a 'complete' success

I gave ellie a demo of the Midnight clone the other day, and one of the first things she did was to try and do a tab complete in the little command-line interface.