U 2 can U2F

This presentation was given at YAPC::NA 2016.

I gave a lightning talk at YAPC:NA 2016 about Universal Two-Factor (U2F), a fairly new set of standards for building two-factor hardware devices, and Authen::U2F, a library you can use to add U2F support to your Perl application or web service.

Because I’m an Australian targetting a predominantly US-centric audience, I chose to ham it up a bit with lots of terrible Australian stereotypes. So if you’re an Australian watching this, you are right to cringe and I apologise in advance 😅

The demo server I promised is proving slightly more complicated to set up than I expected due to some totally boring rubbish involving Apache. You can run it yourself though; it’s in the examples/demoserver directory in the Authen::U2F package.