2022-01-16 20:04

last couple of weeks I tried my hand at designing a board for GOOD COMPUTER. had to resist the urge to add features and just stick with what I know. they arrived today, the five I ordered and siz bonuses. exciting!

2022-01-16 20:05

starting assembly. I ordered parts to fill them this week but totally forgot about chip sockets. so they’re on their way, and meanwhile I’m improvising

2022-01-16 21:45

someday I’ll have enough room for a permanent setup but for now this is more than serviceable

2022-01-16 23:18

most components in. out of header sockets, so I’ve gone with pins for now. still not sure about the serial module (J3). probably a header also; I’m wary of directly soldering the module down if the board doesn’t actually work; they’re a little bit spenny to waste

2022-01-17 14:35

hello world. confirms power, lights, clock generation and programming. soon will load BASIC to confirm memory and serial, and then I can declare the board good and add a serial module directly

2022-01-17 16:11

and there it is. didn’t work initially, because I forgot that new AVRs come with very conservative clock settings that, among other things, preclude the USART from working right. quick fuse change and off we go

2022-01-17 18:38

finished board. the serial module is mounted with a tiny piece of double-sided foam tape, and then soldered

this is not product-quality, and I hope to improve it a lot. for now though, it’s a very convenient little thing to work with on my desk. very pleased!

2022-01-17 20:51

much nicer. back to work!

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