Pebble cricket: updates

With so much cricket going on at the moment, SixFour has seen quite a bit a work.

Some layout tweaks have opened up space at the bottom for anther line of text, which I’m intending to use to show some match details as they come up (boundary, wicket, etc). So far its only showing the current break state.

Its got a clock at last! :)

There’s also a bunch more defense around weird data, and its far less likely to break the layout on long names. Still lots more work needed, particularly on the match selector and on more obscure games where a lot of data is missing.

Still trying on-and-off to get acknowledgement from someone at Cricinfo. I’d like to be able to offer this on the Pebble store. For free of course, I don’t want any money, just a way for people to get their cricket fix. I don’t feel comfortable doing that without their permission though since it uses their match data feed.

If you’ve got the Pebble SDK handy, then you can have it too: