NBN: the box

Here’s what you get for your no money. A bare piece of fibre (seems like two actually, but I dunno how fibre works really) and an empty box with a bag of cable ties, screws and a couple of terminators for the next guy.

Most importantly: “LASER BEAM HAZARD INSIDE”.

The map on my ISP website says that the area is still “building” so not available yet, but the latest data from the government authority responsible for the rollout says it was live for service on 26 September. So I emailed the ISP this morning to check; no answer yet.

Their own site reckons it can take a couple of weeks to get organise a tech to come out and install indoor equipment and make the ethernet port ready, which should take 2-4 hours fpor my house (mid-complexity). And at that point the ISP can flip me over.

Of course its a service change, and I think it’ll cost me a little bit more, and I’m not sure if they’ll want to match it up to a billing cycle, which means my payday has to get involved. So I think the likely case is that I’ll be able to order around the 15th, so service early-mid November.