not implemented

Today marks a major milestone for the WebKit port. It compiles!

-rw-r--r-- 1 rob rob 24782208 2007-12-08 18:25 libWebKit.a

It doesn’t do anything yet, but it compiles. I have 298 stub methods across 41 AROS-specific files. Each one calls the notImplemented() macro, which simply prints the name of the method that was called.

The plan of attack from here is to write a tiny main() that tries to create a frame object and hand control to it. That should yield several million lines of output from notImplemented(). I implement those methods, one at a time, until I get something on screen.

Once I get a decent way into that process I should start to gain some understanding of how WebKit is actually bolted together. Once I have that I can start to think about the design of the Zune API.

The real fun starts now. I’m looking forward to writing some actual code rather than just stubbing functions :)