Status update.

I have a mostly-working test.library that implements a TAP producer. So far it does TAP output, has basic success/fail counters and a couple of other bits. The idea is that it will support the minimum amount of generic primitives to build just about any kind of test on top of, with some smarter stuff (ok(), is(), etc) built as macros on top of that. See Perl’s Test::More and my own Tests for C for an idea of where I want to take this.

Nothing much else is happening code-wise, mostly because I’m in the middle of a hardcore development project at work (a virus scanner for Lotus Domino) which is on a tight schedule and isn’t leaving me much brain space for other code. I did bootstrap a SDL HIDD for AROS; it doesn’t work yet but its something I’d like to take another look at when I get chance.