pipe the what?

In typical fashion, I got bored with the pipe handler. It’ll still have to be done, of course, but a couple of things about it became non-trivial, so I had to start thinking and designing, and thats not interesting or fast, so I couldn’t be bothered anymore.

What did interest me is a couple of bugs that appeared in the queue: #1740715 and #1740717. Both were described very well and so were easy to reproduce. The first was clearly related to work I’d been doing, as it involved ErrorReport() requesters. The other I just had a hunch about.

Both have now been fixed and committed, which was surprisingly satisfying. Part of my dayjob is triaging and working on calls from users, but I’ll admit I try to avoid it and let underlings read it (and I know at least one of them reads this, and I really appreciate your efforts!). These were fun to work on and fix though, and looking through the queue I see a few others that could be taken care of with ease also. I’ve asked for access to the bug tracking system so I can close calls. They might make a nice diversion when I’m busy and distracted like I have been this week.

Tonight I’m doing a few more odd jobs. I’m poking at Staf’s ABI v1 branch, which I’ve offered to help out with on the DOS and BPTR/BSTR conversion. I’m messing with a test harness which I hope to use to make a test suite for DOS. I’m poking at GCC 4.2 and trying to get an up to date C++ compiler/runtime so I can fiddle with WebKit, various games, etc. And I’m sure there’s other stuff I’ll poke at before the evening is out. Drop into #aros on irc.freenode.net and ask me how its going :)