merge left

So Pavel went on holiday this weekend but didn’t want to hold me out, so he graciously offered for us to switch places - I check in my GetDeviceProc() and ErrorReport() patches, and he’ll take them on holiday with them and update his code to match my changes. This was done, so the current nightly build should have the new code in it. Type Dir FOO: into the shell to see!

The next DOS work for me is to sort out the whole mess with STDIN: etc. I think I’ve figured out a way to deal with it. GetDeviceProc() will be updated to return a valid struct DevProc with a new flag set in dvp_Flags, DVPF_STDIO. It should be possible to work out a valid value for dvp_DevProc from the handle - only a maybe under IOFS (due to the device/unit problem, but definently with packets. Most of the time things won’t care, but should a calling function need to know the difference then it can. I’ve already started on this.

I’m also due for a break from DOS, so I’m thinking I might see if I can track down the huge memory leak in Wanderer at the moment. I’ve got to be careful though - I have an idea for a memory tracker and debugger, but it could take quite a while to design and implement. I can’t afford to get too distracted from DOS. I just need to stick to the goal - fix the leak, don’t spend more than a few days on it.