a word tells a thousand pictures

I’m about to go out, but here’s a couple of screenshots to demonstrate the progress of the last couple of days.

First, writing works in the most minimal sense. FAT volumes can now be renamed:

Its not much, but it proves that the underlying write infrastructure (ie WriteFileChunk() and cache_mark_block_dirty()) is at least slightly correct. I’m hoping to be writing files before the end of the week.

The other is that you can now mount your FAT volumes under native. It wasn’t working because I made some bad assumptions about where the boot block lived, but once I straightened that out it did just fine:

It takes a little bit of messing to set up. If you want to try it, grab the latest nightly (or you may have to wait until tomorrow; I’m not sure if it made it in to last nights’ build) and edit DEVS:DOSDrivers/FAT0. You’ll need to get correct values for LowCyl and HighCyl from HDToolbox (or DOS or Unix fdisk or whatever). After that it should just be Mount FAT0:. Kalamatee is planning to add smarts to the installer to take care of detecting your partitions and writing the mountfiles when you install AROS.

Taking Francesca to the park and the creek now. I should be around in #aros in a few hours.